Finally, Stefano said goodbye to the shocking first officer and took a speargun to a small boat. "Now change me to find it," he said, "I will use my last effort to fight to the end." After he finished, he paddled the oars far away from the shore.There is a crescent moon in the sky, shining on the calm sea, Stefano found the shark. "How to say?" Stefano asked with a speargun pointing at the shark's nose. "I walked with you all over the world, not to eat you, but because Poseidon asked me to give this to you." The shark stuck his tongue out and handed him a shiny ball.Stefano recognized that it was a famous sea pearl, and whoever possessed it would have wealth, power, love and peace of mind."Too late!" Stefano shook his head sadly, "Wrong step, wrong step. I have tossed my whole life and ruined your life.""Farewell, poor people." After that, the shark sank to the bottom of the sea and no longer appeared.